Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home at long last.

As I thought, things fell right back into place here at home. I still know the exact amount of turn for each of my shower knobs to get the right temperature. The people are still gossiping about the other people. And it's still flippin hot and humid as usual.

Being home has revealed the amount of change I've gone through this year. I'm sad to say I'm not as silly as before. Or at least -- I'm a totally different silly now. Also, every person I've talked to here has pointed out my slightly acquired Northern accent. I went to visit some teachers yesterday and Mr. Hardin, my beloved history teacher, was telling me it's proven that people from Missouri are more apt to pick up outside accents than any other state. We are regionless in our speech. I thought that was really interesting. Apparently, too, people specifically from Kansas City say their highways backwards. Like we'll say '7 highway' instead of 'Highway 7'.

Another thing -- I'm not nearly as needy when it comes to hanging out with people at home. I'm content just staying home and minding my own business. Before I couldn't wait to get out of the house and see people. Now I'll get a call to hang out and I'm just like, "...I spose." This will probably change as the summer goes on, but for now. Shwew. I need a break.

This post is sounding so emo.
Oh well!

One change in my life is my need to travel light. I came home and there was all this sentimental shit lying around and I literally took a trash bag and threw it all out. I still have much to go through, but I think I'm finally letting go to my past. Good thing? Totally dude. I save a few things here and there, but for the most part -- I saved a lot of fucking stuff. Like I had a collection of Capri Sun bottles on the shelves in my bathroom. They were once Euph Juice, but no one knew that except me. Trashed. We had a fuckton of VHSes with no VHS player. Trashed. Empty cassette tape containers saved as a possible art project. Trashed. Broken mini guitar from Mexico that, even new, never played well. Trashed. A lot of fugly socks. Trashed. I made room for my books and movies and the few clothes I wear. I made room for my music. I wish I could just throw the rest out. I would, but my mom saw that look in my eye and said she'd go through everything before it really went.

Hasty McTasty.

I also felt the HUGE need to redecorate the entire basement/bathroom/HOUSE. It needs new colors and a fresh start. Everything is too 8th grade right now. I need a clean environment to function in. Right now I feel too lazy with my surroundings. I don't want everything to fall back into place.

I'm glad I got that off my chest.
I noticed I dream more at home.
I've had more vivid dreams in the past three nights here at home than I had the past months at school. I wonder why that is. Dreams fascinate me. I can't wait til we can review them on a screen. It's coming, folks.

Plans for the day:
Dance with Appleline

Sam got me hooked on Bubble Spinner.
This is my recent high score.
I like collecting high scores for some reason.

My mom has been into Reflexology lately and
she has these gloves that map out your reflexes.
They make me really happy.

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Rose Gray♥ said...

Sarah Julson.

Your not emo. Your tooo happy to be emo.

Your just being dormant right now. Which is totally fine. I realized that I had a lot of crap in my room that was sentimental too. I did the same things as you are doing. I dont have a facebook anymore, sooo if you wanna stay in contact, add me on msn

you can email too, that would be really nice : ]

or you can skype me : ]