Friday, May 15, 2009


It's strange. Now when I leave, I've grown into
this odd stage of anger, not sadness. Almost
bitterness. Am I that unsettled with things?!
Sheesh! And even after I read this, I know
I'm fine, but it's like these surges roll
over me in waves and I hate the wait.

I must be ready to go home.

What an angsty post!


Sara said...

Geez, that's some nice lookin' room you got thurr.

I miss you, dear! Don't be mad!

Lauren said...

What' up with this?!?! I was not informed of any of your bloggage. My dashboard said you hadn't blogged for five weeks, but that is clearly not true. Hmmm.

Moving on... So you're back in the Springs of blue?