Friday, May 08, 2009

Great Thursday!

Word of the Day:
Phlegmatic -- calm, cool, composed, collected, controlled, serene, tranquil, placid, impassive, unruffled, philosophical

Today was wonderful. I woke up for my SB interview, which was pretty chill, and then went outside for the entire day. I saw almost everyone I knew from MCAD and started a great farmer's tan. (And I thought it would be near impossible without marching band every summer!) I was probably out there for a total of 8 magical hours, chatting and dancing and singing. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and had perfect timing.

I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Last Chance Harvey, and The Office today. All three were VERY solid. I've decided that being outside makes me pooped to the extreme, so pretty much all night, all I felt like doing was sitting in front my screen, mindlessly. It's been a while!

Callie texted me and said there was blue lightning around her parts. I miss that form of weather. It seems to be rare here, and I dearly wish it was more common. That's one of the reasons I can't wait to go home; I love cheesy moments with friends like watching lightning and driving through the rain just because. I'm such a sucker for feel-good moments, I can't help it! And I always expect other people to see things the way I do. It doesn't always work, duh. But. Mleh, I seem to forget that in my immediate expectations of others.

And now to tend to my sunburns and loss of LOST.

Yours Truly,
Number One

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Marissa Lundin said...

I must say, that was probably one of the best episodes I have ever watched!!!!