Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Taco Truck!

Word of the Day:

1 a: expression of high regard : respect
b: something that shows respect or attests to the worth or influence of another : tribute.

Today was phenomenal. Reasons?
  1. Last day of work in the Business Office.
  2. Sat on the lawn with my pals.
  3. Last day of GD. We turned in our process books and ate pizza. Then we had a crit on our 10 images of "stellar Graphic Design" and then watched movies. END.
  4. More sittage on the lawn outside.
  5. Last real class of Maurice Sendak.
  6. Free Pizza at Lost
  7. Free tacos from the Taco Truck! Charlotte, Tuesday, and I sat in the new wooden/metal spaceship out on the lawn and made weird alien noises while we feasted. Then I sat on hot sauce and we ran away.
This weekend/last week will be busy! Reasons?
  1. Tomorrow = SB Interview. I'm really stoked and really want to work in there. I already love pretty much everyone in there and I love paper and printing and. Sheesh. It's a good time to be a freshman.
  2. Friday = Last day o' Media. BBQ on the lawn for the end of school! So much fun. :)
  3. Saturday = Homework, homework, homework.
  4. Sunday = Building Meeting and Free Pizza!
  5. Monday = Last day o' Sendak and Pizza and fun on the lawn.
  6. Tuesday = Last day o' Art History and 3D and SCHOOL! So happy!
  7. Wednesday = Media 2 BBQ.
  8. Thursday = I hear there will be a Schatz BBQ? Complete with Puppy!
  9. Friday = Packing
  10. Saturday = Parents are coming and we're loading up. Senior show. Sleeping in a hotel.
  11. Sunday = GOING HOME! Wahoooo!

Below is my final mark for our GD project. I love Wildebears!