Saturday, June 27, 2009


Lately I've been feeling like there's not a whole lot to look forward to. In high school I always had camp or trips or competitions to anticipate. Now it's just -- moneymoneyMONEY. Go to college, pay money. Get a degree, make money. And I don't feel like I get the same joy out of making art as I do music. I feel like I'm only making art to make money. Then I think, "Is it just a different good-feeling? Can I not recognize it?" Ballz. 'Tis a constant struggle. All I know is that I loathe money and how it's all anyone talks about anymore.

There's MORE to talk about.

Like what to put on our HP shirts for le movie premiere.
And whose house will hold the HP countdown.
When are we going to the Narnia exhibit?
How will I ever get to Florida --money....

I wish you could barter.

O! Craigslist...

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sleepy fawn said...

tooottallllyyy know what you mean, sarah. Money is the most annoying thing on earth.
I'm going to Florida with my family in August :) !