Friday, July 03, 2009

Changing My Ways

A lot of my thoughts have been consumed with condemnation and negativity lately, therefore I have decided to make this an extremely pleasant post.

Let's start with the date today: July the Third.
  1. I woke up at 6 a.m. to go fishing on a mother fucking pontoon boat with my parents and some family friends. We vigilently casted until 8 p.m. this evening, withstanding both torrential rain storms and ethereal sunshine. I caught my first (reasonably sized) fish, a catfish named Clyde. At a wopping c. 16 inches, Clyde was purple and full of personality. He was the only (reasonably sized) fish caught all day, and so I graciously released him into a delightful little cove. Side note: A lot of sandwiches were consumed today.
  2. 'Tis Kizzy's Birthday. She's down in Florida partying with some of my favorite loved ones. I love her too, even her both sides.
  3. Second Christmas is nearly here! Only 1.5 hours until July 4th and the thundering outside can't be distinguished as Weather or Fireworks. The smell of sulfur fogs the air and my nostrils breathe with delight. Ah, yes. The Fourth of July. Where friends and family burn massive amounts of coal and ketchup bottles become endangered species. It really is the ultimate American holiday.
Other Spectacular Spectaculars:
  1. Last night was game night, and what seemed to be a fruitless turnout evolved into the best of all game nights. It was a Regular, something that has been irregular this summer. The Julson basement was once again full of 06ers (and an 05er...and I guess me, an 08er?). Visiting from Dallas, Texas came our freshly-squeezed Katelyn Nichols, and from the nearby-yet-oh-so-far-away city of Springfield, Missouri came Abby Grote, bringing extra delight to the party. Also joining us was Jayme McClellan, Jaclyn Dwyer, and the ever-elusive Jessamine Endaya. 'Twas my favorite of all 09 game nights, filled with laughter, fear, and racial stereotypes. I missed that fun so much. And I think it defined home for me a bit, in a sense that I now know what I missed about Blue Springs whilst at MCAD.
  2. The news is finally in! My roomies for the 2009-2010 MCADian school year are Sara Fowler, Marissa Lundin, and a Linnea Stephan (unknown but cool so far!). As requested we shall be living in Apt. 305, building 2550. I would like to take this time to welcome wood floors and arched doorways into my life! Hello gorgeous living spaces!
  3. Sarah Julson Art finally hangs on the walls de Steamin' Bean coffee shop. Not only that, but one was sold the very next day! To begin with, I am festering off high school work, but in the mean time am producing new work that I simply want to do. My goal is to be ready for the art sale so when the time comes I can sit back and relax. Let's hope my butt gets in gear!

Feeling Severely Optimistic,


Marissa Lundin said...

I thought we could mount Clyde on our apartment wall, but I'm sure he's happier where he is now!!

Sara said...

I agree with Marissa, but I think you should probably go retrieve him so that he can live above our sofa. I know fish, and I can tell that Clyde would much rather live with us. or else...