Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bro Code, Aunt Rita, and SarahJulson.com

Yesterday I finished Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother, and, with a major cliffhanger, I've been hungering for more (until the Netflix provides Season 3!) In the meantime I downloaded countless HIMYM wallpapers and explored the CBS site up and down, which brings me to this gem: The Bro Code. You can read more about it here as well as listen to a brief audio clip from the audio book version. It was published in October of last year, but for some reason I am just now finding it. I suppose it's due to my late-blooming love of the show.

In other news, my Aunt Rita is staying with us this weekend. It's kind of a big deal because none of our relatives have ever come to visit us, besides my grandma for my sister's high school graduation 5 years ago. I've never grown up around "family"; all my relatives live at least two states away and we hardly even exchange holiday cards. My parents, sister, and I are, I think, closer to one another than most families are, so I think that's sufficient enough. But back to my Aunt Rita.

Whenever anything big is about to happen at my house, or sometimes for no reason at all, my mom gives at least one room a whole makeover it seems like. This time it was a bigger undertaking. She turned the upstairs craft room into my bedroom and transformed the basement into a huge activities room. Yesterday we painted my new room a sunshiny yellow and my dad and I moved all the shitnanigans up and down the stairs while my mom told us where to put it. I can't complain too much; it's the first time in 6 years that I've had a door on my room.

In more other news, I bought my first domain name, sarahjulson.com. I haven't fixed it up yet, but it'll be outrageously nice to not have to write down my MCAD web address for people because it's so hard to remember. The hosting part is getting me all tungled up. Where should I host my website? And why didn't someone tell me before that I can often get my domain name free if I go to certain hosting sites?? Oh well...too bad I can't return it.

Exactly 1 month before I return to MCAD,

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