Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back at MCAD

Welp! A lot has happened in the past few weeks. Long story short, I'm back at MCAD for Orientation Crew Leadership Training. The apartment is great, the roomies are/will be great, and the activities have been a blast.

Long Story Long:
I had a lot of commissions to finish up before I left, so I completed them and now have a solid $320 in the bank with about $300 more on its way. To be honest this is the highest my account has ever been so applause for that; Sarah is finally making money. I also had a lot of summer activities left undone, so my friends and I quickly crossed them off our lists. Shenanigans included trollin' down Noland, eating at le Olive Garden, and experiencing the Chronicles of Narnia Exhibit down at Union Station in KC. I bought a little wooden recorded from the Gift Shop after a fruitless search for Mr. Tumnus' lullaby flute. It still satisfies.
Then came all the paaacking and saying goodbyyyyes. On my last night in town I nerdily went to the Purple and Gold game to watch the marching band perform for the first time of the season. We were pleasantly surprised and craved more. I think they're going to have a fabulous year. Afterwards was the annual Band Dance, filled with terrible dancing and unbearable amounts of sugary snacks. Delicious, Vicious, and Suspicious aka DVS snuck in, right past the good Doctor and relived our past for an hour or less. We danced like none other because we didn't know half the kids, and the ones we did know loved it. After a solid Cupid Shuffle and Barbie Girl, we left and had a solemn goodbye in the parking lot.
When I came home my dad and I packed le van and then crashed. In the morning I said goodbye to my doggy, Tootsie, with whom I have bonded much over the summer, and I shouted an I-Love-You to my MIA cat, Mikey. Then my parents and I hit the road with audiobooks on hand and full drinks in the cup holders.
Eight hours later we arrived at MCAD. I gave my new roomie Sara a huge hello hug and we got straight to unpacking. It was a tiresome unloading, climbing to the third floor more times than our calves care to remember. The absence of air conditioning made it an even more beautiful endeavor. In spite of it all, we got all moved in and then went straight for some battered yams and delicious sauce at Quang's. (I had been craving it all summer!)
Then we both parted our ways, neither sleeping in le apartment. My parents and I slept in a hotel in Burnsville where we took a cool dip in the pool after such a hot and stanky day. In the morning we went to fellowship and then had a last meal at Applebee's together. My mommy almost cried again when they said goodbye. Oh my mommy...
After our parents left Sara and I just sat on the unorganized furniture, tuckered out and unmotivated to unpack. We rearranged the living room a good few times before we came upon something acceptable. We'll see once Marissa gets here. I got all my stuff out of boxes and started on the kitchen not too long after.
The apartment is phenom. Despite the third floory-ness, it has many more pros. List!
  1. We're on the corner so there's LOTS of windows. Through them we can see the sunset every evening and have gorgeous light throughout the day because we're above all the surrounding trees and buildings.
  2. Wood floors.
  3. Lots o' cabinet space.
  4. No one stomping above us.
  5. I have my own room.
  6. I have my own door to le bathroom.
Etc! It's going to ripen throughout the year too. I'm hella excited for us to be 100% settled in.

As for Orientation Crew! It's been pretty rad thus far. The first day we played a game where we had stripper names and mine was Tootsie Downing. I thought that was hilarious. The food has been delicious, and free. :) We helped the RAs with their final exams by participating in real-life situations. My scenario was a party where there was underage drinking, pot smoking, suiciding, and coke lining. It got pretty hysterical at times. I was always the one trying to sneak out -- and I succeeded many a times. Muwahaha.
Tonight the OC went laser tagging with the RAs, which I haven't done since Recess Club last semester. Sara and I dressed up all sporty with our headbands and whatnot. It was a last minute thing, but made it all the better. I think if we had laser tag in place of the fitness center, way more people would be fitnessing. Just saying....Oh and on the way back from laser tag, Brian Nigus bought everyone in the MCAD van Frosties from Wendy's. Totally delcious!
And now I'm pooped. I can't wait for everyone to move in on Friday and for school to begin. I forgot how awesome being busy can be. Beats laziness any day! And I can't wait for Recess Club!

I should be taking pictures,

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