Sunday, September 06, 2009

Orientation Crew, Classes, Blue House, Charlotte's Birthday, Recess Club, Nathan's Visit

There's just so much to blog about!

Picking up where I left off:
Orientation Crew (which I will refer to as OC from now on)
was probably my best team experience since band. And that's saying a lot! I made tons of new friends and got a one-up with the freshmen as far as getting to know them and letting them know who I am. Our skit was off the heezy. Tom said it was the funniest of all the years, being 100% serious. Part of it can be seen below; it's a little video we put together one morning during OC training to promote safe sex.

Other videos from le skit:

Other than that, move-in day was a thrill. Seeing all the new faces and all the old ones had been highly anticipated, and everyone did not disappoint. Being amongst all those people makes me super enthusiastic and, frankly, a bit out-of-control. I can't help it! I had so much fun and I just love being goofy. Here are some shots of the weekend:

Drawing 2: So far so good. People generally had sassy comments about the teacher, but I like her. She's fierce and gets down to business!
Animation: It makes me really tired, sitting in there watching clips on a screen in a dark room for so many hours, but when I step back and look at what I'm doing -- it's amazing. We're analyzing cartoons, learning Disney jargon, and MAKING CARTOONS. it'ssoflippinamazing.
History of Jazz: I was SO excited for this, but it turned out to be a major let down. It's as if I knew too much about music to enjoy it. Thus I dropped and am now randomly in a History of Advertising class.
Ideation and Process: Not too interested in my teacher. She seems to think she's hot shit and is uber deep. That's fine for your own thinking, but you can't force a "spiritual" experience on a class that meets from 1-6 while the Blue House is being moved outside the window....
Sophomore Sem: My teacher is pretty hip! For my first project I made a pie chart -- out of pie and berries. It was delicious and loved. I hope every class has food!
Illustration: I love my teacher, but personally I'm off to a bad start as far as work goes in the class. I had a really hard time with the first assignment and can't seem to stay true to my personal influences and natural inclinations. It's been a rollercoaster for me to figure this all out, but I think I'm going to relax this next time and do exactly as I feel.

The Blue House
MCAD's beloved Blue House was finally moved this last week to make way for a new parking lot and sculpture garden. It's been a bittersweet process thus far, whatwith their fencing off half the campus and constructioning at 8 in the morning. I know we're going to have a beautiful, functional space afterwards, but I wish it could've started a little later in the year. I didn't get to reacquaint myself with the lawn as much as I had hoped.

Here's the Blue House being moved to its new home. A bunch of us followed it down the street in our socks and pjs at midnight. Farewell!

Charlotte's Birthday
was a mythological costume party. With that said, Owen and I went as Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox. Sara and Charlotte were garden gnomes. There were a lot of unicorns, some teletubbies, and a cyclops. Overall it was a solid party.

Nathan's Visit
Currently Nathan is visiting and it's been a blast! Friday night we went bowling and laser tagging with Angela and Sam. It was just the 4 of us in laser tag, two vs. two, and we were at the double-decker Brunswick place. It was SO COOL. I want to take Recess Club there, but I have a feeling it may be too far. We'll see about that! Afterwards we got some SPINACH DIP at Applebee's and then crashed.
Saturday we visited his familia out in Annandale. They're more like my relatives than my own! They're such a blast and it was great to be out in the woods, chillin in the sunshine. At one point Nathan was fishing and caught a fish almost every cast, so we decided to take the paddle boat out and aim for some bigger guppies. We headed out towards this island and he got snagged in a tree thing sticking out of the water. Whilst trying to untangle the mess, he lost his balance and toppled over on top of me, forcing all the weight of the boat onto one side, and we took on SO much water! We scrambled to rebalance the boat, but it was pretty much too late. We were soaked and it was so full of water that the paddles didn't work. So Nathan undressed, got in the water, and pushed me and the boat all the way back to the dock. It was ridonkulous and a typical Nathan-Sarah story. Right as we were getting in, the family comes out on the deck and starts laaaughing at us. Go figure! I should've known it was going to happen!
Later that evening we picked up Sara and Marissa for some Macaroni Grill and watch Inglourious Basterds, which was off the heezy! One of the best movies I've seen in a while. When we came out of the theater, there's comes Travis Hall behind us! Go figure...neither of us said anything about the strange coincidence of being at a mall in Roseville, getting out of a movie at 2:30 in the morning... And then today we're going to Sam's 21st birthday party and possibly to the Mall of America/IKEA. Can't wait!

Recess Club
This year is going to be great! Last week's meeting we played Capture the Flag with a solid 20 people or so. I was happy to see a lot of freshmen came out, but I hope we get some more boys interested! We need some brave soldiers who will get things going faster! This week we're playing dodgeball/kickball, so it should be a blasty blast. At the club fair I had about 80 signups, and heaven forbid if everyone actually decides to come! Can't wait for moooore. :)


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