Tuesday, June 09, 2009

4.5 Day Review

Nathan and I went to Laura's place to hang out with some people. We smoked hookah and whatnot. I didn't really know anyone except Laura, but it was rather refreshing hanging out with new people. Without school it seems harder and harder to meet new people, which I apparently never thought about before. Thus I have been putting myself out on a limb for new experiences and new friends. Feels pretty good!

The day is lost in my memory, but later in the evening Pongolicious (Erin) and I went back over to Laura's for some more partying. 'Twas and interesting midsummer's night, to say the least...

We slept in real late and eventually departed each other's company around 3. After a quick cleanse in le shower and a revitalization of my iPod, I headed to the park with le parents and the fellowship for some music and feasting. Ditching the scene, Pongs and I headed to Frances' grad party. 'Twas a fair time, especially when my loves, the Endayas, got there. (I love it when they travel in sisterhood packs.)
After being oh so elusive, the Endayas finally made some plans with us fans. Finally, we will be seeing Up! And after they return from their Floridian adventures, we shall be exploring the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit at Union Station. Though not as good as Harry Potter, the distance is more appealing. Furthermore, the littlest Endaya, Jilly, and I shall overtake the whole that is Toys'R'Us to start our Yo-Yo gang. That's right. Just you wait kids.
We left Fran's for a nerdier excursion. Yes, we came to my place and watched all the Band Memories DVDs. And don't you make fun of me. If there was an MCAD Memories DVD, we'd probably watch it every once in a while too!

Pongs slept over again, so of course we slept in late after a late night of giggling, drunken uke playing, and weird Photobooth photos. Around 3 my mom got home, so we had the car for the taking. After getting all spick and span, I took Pongs to her next destination and I headed out for some job hunt-age. I went to the mall and applied at pretty much every store except the jewelers and clothing stores like A&F and Hollister.
Janessa (Endaya) works at Build-A-Bear, so I went to visit her/apply. I filled out the application and gave it to the manager. She looked it over and asked me a few questions like, "How would you describe yourself in one word?" (My answer was "Enthusiastic", thanks to Marissa and Flower!) Then she asks, "How would you feel if I asked you to go into the middle of the mall and shake a bell and yell that you were applying to work here?" And I say, "Oh in a heartbeat!" So of course she has a giant bell that she hands me and she's like, "Go ahead!" And so I walk out into the mall and ring the bell vivaciously above my head and scream, "I'M APPLYING TO WORK AT BUILD-A-BEAAAR!" At that point I had a flashback of Cold Stone auditions where it was like "Who can make the biggest fool of themselves and be okay with it?" I win.
So hopefully they call me back for one of those group interviews. Otherwise Zumiez is hiring, which, I believe, will be the first Zumiez in Missouri once it opens. I would totally use that store discount! Old Navy is also hiring. Mleh....I hear horror stories.

These photos were found as background images on the Zumiez site.

Two blisters later, I came home for dinner and artworking. I finally started those paintings similar to my blog header. It's a really exciting and satisfying process. Whilst painting I watched Tristan and Isolde, which was totally thrilling, and the Chronicles of Narnia. I know it's summer time when I begin watching all the movies I own over and over and over. I'm okay with it!

I woke up at noon thinking it was night time. It's unnaturally dark today due to the mega storm we're amidst. Our back yard appears to be flooding and I'm just praying we don't get another waterfall in the bathroom.... Otherwise, tonight is the night for Yo-Yo extravangazas and seeing Up. Excitement!


printish said...

I hope you liked Up!!! It was gooooooood. But a tad too emotional. Geez! Also, my mom and I just watched that beat boxing flutist on youtube for about a half hour. He's pretty amazing. ALSO, I can't come to game night again because it's the night of the Rehearsal dinner for my sis's wedding. Unfortunately it is in bad taste if the Maid of Honor doesn't show up. That's sooooo sad because i'm an expert at Friends trivia!! :(


sleepy fawn said...

I was only there for a few days to see my nephew! haha (:

ohh my gosh that flooding was crazy.
My mom and I went to the plaza and her shoe got swept away by the crazy currents and I had to chase down the street to get it!