Saturday, June 13, 2009


Not a lot has happened, but I probably have lots to say, as usual.

The gang saw Up. I had so much excitement built up that I fear it wasn't as good as I had hoped. It was delightful, no doubt! But I have decided that once you add in people to a Pixar movie, it gets slightly less magical. It was emotionally moving, yes, but I was looking for cuddly monsters, tubular sea turtles, or jewish piggy banks. And the villain was really disappointing. Who could've guessed that the hero in the beginning would become the fear of the movie? Good one. Sigh. I sound like I hated it, but I didn't. It's just not my favorite of all Pixar movies. Afterwards the girls came to my place for some Scattegories and fun.

I went to the Steamin' Bean (a local coffee shop) to inquire, once again, about hanging my art up. The owner was very pleased at my interest and said it should be ready in a week or two. He said lots of people have asked to put things up, but when he asked to see their work, they would never get back to him. Thus, he was extremely pleased at my immediacy with giving him the URL to my rather aged website portfolio. After discussing a few techinicalities, I departed the Bean and headed to the Endayas for a celebration of a most beloved friend, Taylor.

We've been looking for a restaurant to "call our own", so we thought we'd try this place on 40 highway, Mavi's. It was a little Italian shindig that Pongs and I previously adored. The 6 of us girls carpooled over there, but when we pulled up, the windows were plastered with posters; they were closed indefinitely. We kind of laughed with irony. It just seemed bound to happen.

Shouts from under the opened black umbrella in my back seat headed us towards Red Robin, across the street. Sandy Safari was following me, so when I drove up to the intersection, the yellow turn signal forced my breaks instead of the usual acceleration. To my dismay, I heard a sudden crash just outside my window. The red SUV ahead of us had been partially t-boned by a smaller red car coming through the intersection. Blue antifreeze gushed out of the hood of the car and my friends and I stared in startlement. After a minute or two, the car backed up and pulled over to the side of the road. The SUV, however, stayed put, and I wondered whether or not I should check to see if anyone was injured. Soon enough, the SUV pulled away with a large piece of the red car jutting out of the back passenger tire. Needless to say, we took a roundabout way towards Red Robin.

We're always giggly together. It's just how we are. We have so many inside jokes that everything can become funny in a split second. For example, when our waiter came to the table he said, "Hello, my name is Kevin and I'll be your waiter tonight." And we just BUST out laughing. After seeing his look of confusion and partial embarrassment, we proceeded to explain the similarity of his name to the bird Kevin from Up. He then said, "Oh, did he blow?" We were VERY confused til he added, "Did he suck or something?" (Good save, Kev.) We said no, but everytime he came around we would CAW and whatnot. He was a silly server. With ears like a hawk, too! We said something and from the other side of the restaurant he laughs and gave a witty reply. Ooooh Kevin.... Another fun part of the night: We "seased" each other, which consisted of knighting the person to your left with the seasoning bottle. So funny.

Afterwards we played more Scattegories at le Endaya's house and then some Wii Bowling and Tennis. We made Jesus and Lord Voldie and they battled one another. Then we made some neighborhood shenanigans, jumping out of trees and flashing car lights. 'Twas delightful. We chatted until about 5 in the morning, then the rising sun forced Pongs and I to leave. We crashed at my house, happy as ever.

Pongs and I woke up around noon and watched Pride and Prejudice. Then we took our showers and headed to Hobby Blobby to get some markers. I found a wonderful pack of Faber Castel colored pens/markers for $7.49, regularly $19.95. What a steal! Then I took Erin home and met up with my parents at Dos Amigos for dinner. Their queso is different, but still pleasing. Afterwards I came home to host Friends-themed Game Night. It was a small group, but ever-so-pleasing. We played a swift game of Friends Scene-It and followed it up by watching a few Episodes of the Office. Jayme and Taylor left, and Jaclyn, Brittney and I got the idea for a craft night. They wanted to learn how to crochet and embroider, thus came Friday.

Around 2 in the morning I emailed my band director and inquired about working for the GR marching band this summer. The old low brass teacher, Mr. Kuhlman, was offered the head band director job at Lee's Summit North High School, so supposedly they were going to be a bit stretched this summer. I'm hoping it'll be an opportunity for me to step back in and help the family I so terribly missed this year. Other alumni have been helping, and I couldn't work last summer because students have to wait a year out of high school before they can help. I hope to god I get this. It would be a blast, and I'd get paid to do something I love!

I sat around pretty much all day, painting and watching movies. Then I got a call for craft night to be immediate, so I rushed a shower and welcomed le pallies over. We went back to Hobbly Blobble for supplies and then came back to my place to watch Pinnochio, 101 Dalmatians and become old ladies! They caught on rather quickly, and now I am in the midst of crocheting a purple, white, and cyan scarf. I suppose it's never too early to prepare for Minnesota winter, eh?

I haven't done anything today.
I reorganized my computer files, deleting a bunch and moving a ton to my external harddrive. Now I'm downloading audio books like the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter. I can't believe I hadn't done it earlier, honestly. It's gorgeous out today, though, so battledore might be in tonight's plans. We'll see.

Sarah Julson


K. said...

sounds like youre having one hell of a time back home and this pleases me to the fullest!!

Sara said...

Dang girl, you busy! :D