Sunday, November 23, 2008

Things to Bring Home/Back

Things to Bring Home:

Walkie Talkies so they can be fixed.
Headdress -- to cause mischief in.
Games to play with.

Things to Bring Back:

Extra plug-ins so this doesn't happen.
More pants.
New shoes, preferably without holes in the side.
More mittens/gloves/glittens to keep le paws warm.

Also, this was great:

And this too:
Click me!

Things to get done today:
  1. Art History Paper
  2. Two Artist Statements
  3. 2D Illustrator Project
  4. Drawing Final Sketches
  5. Some Website Designing

I am excited to see this little fellow of mine.
I had a dream that I lost him last night and proceeded to wake up, crying.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Art Sale Weekend

Fridays are always great.
No class.
No homework to get done right away.
I can be lazy, or party, or hang out with the pals.

This Friday,
was a really great Friday for many reasons.
1. It's the last Friday before Thanksgiving break.
2. I went to the MIA with Marissa, Charlotte, and Sara to do some research/gandering for our Art History papers. Marissa and I got distracted with a Mankala game in the African exhibit.

3. We watched the Office and Jim and Pam got their own home together.
That show never ceases to make me all feel-good.

4. The Art Sale was insane hectic, but a ton o' fun to be a part of. I think I sold 3 pieces last night, and then 5 more today, if not more by the end of the day. It was intense because all these people are zooming by and you're kind of a statue, waiting to be someone's slave. But I'm getting paid!

5. Afterwards, Charlotte and I cooked a delicious veggie dinner.
Complete with:
and Rice-a-Roni [not a vegetable]

Our meals together always brighten my day.

And now it is Saturday.
And I'm pooped.
And I'm taking a break from the Art Sale.
It's a lot for my brain.
Mostly I think it's because I keep thinking about home.
And though my mind is zooming with all the people around me,
I still have too much time to think about it.
And the more I think the more anxious I get.
Will it be weird?
I don't think so really.
I still have the tiny inclination that it will be.
I just can't wait to give all my friends huge hugs.
And lay my head on my mommy's lap while she watches some show on tv.
And have a fire in the basement while drinking hot cocoa.
Oh it's going to be so good.

Happy Saturday.

P.S. It snowed today.
This is the view out my Kitchen window at 7:45 a.m.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I can't believe I got through this week!

Another GREAT day in Art History.
Not completely awful bad news.
I did do better on this test compared to the last.
Nonetheless, still pitifully.

It's okay!
I had a delicious breakfast afterwards.
Breakfast burritos!
Yum yum.
Now I'm stuffed and am going to head off to Media in a while.
My stop motion is awful.
Cause my ideas were bigger than my capabilities/resources.
This will do.

This is my second version.
The first just had sound effects, but then I realized I had already made the perfect song for it. And it just so happened to be the perfect length.
[Well, it could have been 5 seconds shorter....]

P.S. This 2D Final is killer!
It makes me sad and yet really happy.
Go figure my favorite class would end with so many memories.
We have to collect memories people have of us through Facebook or whatever means we wish. It's so funny so see which memories people pick. I've noticed, in general, a lot of memories people have of me are mischievous or very romantic, if you will. [Romantic in a sense of very sappy and something you might see in a cheesy, but good! 90s teen movie.] I guess you could say this is an extreme feel-good project. At least -- for me it is. I think I may present the memories through objects or pictures that represent the memory. That way it's not completely obvious, but still perfectly representational. Yeah.

Karen pointed out a poster near the College Center today. It was calling for Musicians for some benefit concert or...something. I'm not completely sure what it's asking for, all I know is that I want in. And I'm really excited to get to use my musical passions here at MCAD. However, I'm kind of nervous because I'm unsure whether or not it'll be an orchestrated concert type thing, or something where they're expecting me to play my own music. This would be a great time to have my girls here to help....

Percussion Explosion 'o8

Weird Night....

Would you trade a nose rape for gossip?

This is the current topic of conversation between Charlotte and Ethan.
And no, you DON'T want to know what nose raping is....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


is a shitty day

because of that stupid painting.

But I always get through Drawing class somehow.
And now,
to celebrate:"I'm a fuckin' model of perfection."

Favorite Charlotte Quote of the Day:
"It's all in the face!"

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm A Whore!

Below is a collection of the things I put in the art sale. Everything wasn't shrink-wrapped the way I requested, so I ended up figuring out how to use the machine myself [thanks to watching Carla a previous night] and then I went home and blow-dried the plastic to make it shrink. It was kind of a fun process, figuring it out and all. Plus now I know how to shrink wrap! Woo!

Previous to that:
Today in 2D my teacher called me a whore.
[I love that sentence.]
He did.
Listen to our class conversation:

I kind of love that class.
And will miss it a lot next semester!
2D Class of Dickerson 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Young Love


got a new, FREE hat.

With lovely floral print on the inside.


am in love with a pen.

Look what it can do!

Below is my Gestalt Project for 2D class.

WOO Leedles!

Quotes de Charlotte:
"I like it thin and nice."
"It was platonic rubbing."
"It's a nice place to stick things."

Ethan is to Matt & Kim as Sarah is to Eisley.

Today I had Vietnamese food for the first time.
With it --
I had Mango Bubble Tea.
o o

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Delicious New Foods

Green noods and spam!
Tanks kept in touch with the Infantry by carrier pigeons which were released and carried messages back.

That's so cool! Technology is lame, let's use birds.
Owls, preferably.

The Little Things

This made me really happy.
Miss you, Reynolds.

Friday, November 14, 2008

11 Days

First of all:
People say you don't know what you have until it's gone,
But when you know what you have and then it leaves, it's even worse.

Second of all:
I know it's a good day because

I beat my previous high score of 290 Lines by a LONG shot.

Thrice of all:
My mommy bought me something!
I now have the new Thrice DVD, "Live at the House of Blues",
along with a free Thrice Tee and autographed booklet.

Fourth of all:
I will be going home in 11 days.
And my friends are planning a Heritage party.
We're all going to dress up like our heritage stereotypes and bring foods our heritages may have eaten for a potluck. Now! I am Norwegian and German and my friends have suggested that I dress up as A) Hitler or B) a Yodeler. Frankly, my dears, I think I may go as a Viking.
I love my friends.

Fifth of all:
Below are some of my favorite images I've made for the art sale.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Current Grocery Lists

have contained these items on a consistent basis:

(for sandwiches!)

And that my friends, is all I need for the week.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

A List

1. No classes Tuesday.
2. No class Monday or Wednesday night.
3. Basically next week is going to rock.

I. Happy Birthday Dylan!
II. I love my friends back home. [and here, duh!]
II. Art History sucks balls.

A. I've been making more of an effort.
B. It's been paying off.
C. I've had a lot of free food this week.

4. Dinner with Breezy tomorrow night.
5. No recess club, what?!
6. I'm taking Intro to Graphic Design next semester.

IV. Talking with Carla has been great.
V. The upperclassmen in general have been a blast.
VI. I think I'm turning into a social butterfly.

D. I love rain at night.
E. My roommates door keeps making a racket because of the air suction.
F. I always like stomping on my floor to see if Charlotte's around.

7. Fucking light saber noises....
8. I voted!
9. Obama won.

VII. I talked to my mommy, Erin, Frances, and Callie tonight.
VIII. I can't wait for Thanksgiving break.
IX. 4 weeks of school left?

G. I love Eisley.
H. I love Iron and Wine.
I. I can't wait to snuggle with Hans Montans.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Let us review!

Buh! My least favorite day of the week, filled to the brim with Art History and Drawing. Tuesdays take it ALL out of me, and I came home totally beat, just sitting on my bed, staring off into the dark. I'm thinking I'm probably going to just call it a night and go to sleep there and then. Mind you it was only about 7 at that point. Then my dearest darlingest Charlotte proposes we go make costumes, but I wasn't havin' it. She let me go back to sleep and so I tried.

Not much longer I hear my roomie down the hall shouting into her phone, "Carla! Our toilet is overflowing!" I'm just thinking in my head, "Really?! Common now." It's humorous now, but then I was totally incapable of seeing ANYthing funny about the situation.After they got that figured out, I just couldn't stay in the apartment any longer, so I met up with Charlotte in the College Center. By the time I got up there I got my second wind, and thus we decided to go on a box hunt for costumage.

We traveled here and there, checking any and all dumpsters around campus. Nothing was found. In fact, I think all the dumpsters had been emptied previously that morning. Then what are two girls to do? That's right, we went door-to-door. We asked most everyone we knew for any and all their boxes, from packing boxes to cereal boxes to tampon boxes. O the glory! The overflowing cardboard in our arms and on top of our heads finally stumbled into Charlottes apartment and the surgery began!

I got the biggest box and was taping and cutting and retaping and attaching and detaching. The same followed for my very square helmet, complete with boxy ears and a blinking antenna. I added eyebrows and an eye slot and teeth and buttons and little tid bits here and there. I was pretty happy with it. All that was left after Charlotte finished her Love Machine and I my Brobot was to spray paint them that silvery, robot color. And thus --

2D in the morning is never anything to fret about, and we weren't assigned any homework for the weekend. Woo! I came home and planned on going to Ace to get spray paint, but instead fell asleep til 4. 'Twas a good nap, but I needed to prepare the robots for Recess Club! After splashing some water in my face and gathering my things, I trekked down (on such a lovely day!) to Ace and picked up the long-awaited silver-metallic spray paint.

At that point I came home and grabbed le robots and headed to the spray booth. It was a big moment, folks! Our robots suddenly gained life! And I had tapped into the same feelings Dr. Frakenstein must've felt. I was so proud and excited to show off our new creations. And the opportunity would be nearing soon....

We brought our robots home and I had to go to Writing class. What a blast! We dimmed the lights and shared scary stories and goosebumps. And let me tell you, kids, my teacher has been through some fucked up stuff! Eesh! I was thoroughly creeped out....

But it was okay! I got to decorate my robot when I came home. I added a few blue buttons and CDs and turned on le antenna and Brobot was alive! Now for recess club.... I put on my black long-johns, black socks, black shoes, black long sleeved shirt, and silver gloves and then -- Brobot and I became one! It was pretty fantastic. I have never loved a costume more. Except for maybe when I was Patrick Starr....

Everyone looked phenomenal at Recess Club! (That's what's so great about art school -- pretty much everyone goes all out for occasions such as this. There's never really any half-assing anything. This is how I was built, kids! Go big or go home. I don't want any of this lameness shenanigans.) We took pictures and then played Ghosts in the Graveyard. Because Charlotte and I were pretty disfunctional in our costumes, we were wandering bases that everyone had to find and run to during the game. At the end of the night my costume lost two CDs, two buttons, and gained a mustache. I think my helmet eventually fell off too. What a good night!

More Art History. Boo. Then Media at 1. That class was fantastic! He scheduled 15 minute meetings with us each to discuss our projects and then we could go out anywhere for the rest of class because it was so nice out. I got the first slot, so basically class was over for me around 1:30. It was the weekend! Huzzah!

I sat on the lawn with Liz and Tim and whoever else decided to stop by and we just soaked in the sun. It was so crazy, having snow not too many days earlier and then enjoying the 65 degree warmth. Perfection! Eventually a few of us decided to hit up the New York Pizza place on Nicollet and thus we trekked over there around 5:45 or so.

The bouncy group included me, Z, K-Rad, Flower, Peter, Marissa, and Jamie. We walked there so briskly! And every bite of that pizza was so delicious. The walk home was much slower, but we finally made it upstairs in the College Center for Pumpkin Carving!

What a blast! I carved Kreeture into one, and then a skull into another. Gilly-P collected a billion seeds and Carla and I will be cooking them tomorrow. Everyone's pumpkins looked phenomenal! I had so much fun. I love structured school activities like that! It's kind of ridiculous! At that point the party fizzled out and we all split our ways.

Eventually I ended up at Charlotte's house and we had some delicious Mac'n'Cheese, of which I have NOT gotten tired of yet. Then we randomly decided to venture up to the fourth floor to gaze at her beautiful toothy. So wonderful! I love wood projects and can't wait for 3D next semester. I fully enjoy crafting things and gathering materials.

As we were walking around, we noticed all these plastic easter eggs hidden about the hallways. We decided to open a few and found they were all stuffed with candy! Thus the hunt began! We ran around the school, stashing candy in our pockets and pushing one another out of the way trying to find eggs everywhere. I don't think we even cared about the candy so much as just the joy of searching for said glorious eggs. Towards the end we felt guilty because there were notes inside the eggs, instructing us to refill the eggs and rehide them, of which we never did. Whatevs! We're just the lucky ones who found the eggs! Suckaaas!

Halloween! I woke up around 10:30, showered, and put on the costume for the all-official MCAD Costume Contest held in the College Center. Charlotte and I walked up there together and admired the general splendor. All costumes were so great! We each got numbers and waited in line to go out and present ourselves for the judges. As we were waiting in line, they announced the Pumpkin Carving Contest winners.

You see...I can't hear anything in my costume, so all of a sudden I feel Flower and Charlotte hitting my box, telling me to go out cause I won first place! I was so excited! I didn't even know what I won, and didn't expect to cause I was just having fun the night before! Not really trying to win the contest, so that was a great surprise! They handed me an envelope and I just stuck in the pocket I fashioned inside my costume. Then Boo Radley played and we hovered around the clearing in the curtains to watch. The song was heightening and I felt a sudden urge to bust out there and dance. I said to the girls, "Let's go dance!" So I jumped out into the middle of the floor and started busting some terrible robot moves, thinking the girls had followed me -- but no! They totally left me out to dry! Hahaha I think that made it all the better. And I slowly worked my way back off the stage. Embarrassing! But totally worth it.

The contest started and we all introduced ourselves. Flower's Beard costume and our Robot costumes both ended up making it to the top 5, and that was just a total blast. I was pretty freaking happy at that moment.

Afterwards the girls all went to class and Ethan and I watched the Bob Dylan movie, "I'm Not There". It was decent. Not a favorite, but entertaining to watch. Then 5 o'clock rolled around and I had been planning to watch the BOA Super Regionals in Atlanta online, so I left Ethan's and headed back to my apartment. I sat down in my chair and waited for the Golden Regiment to come on. I was so excited. I hadn't seen the whole show once the entire season, and that really made me sad. I loved it so much, and it just disappeared from my life like nothing. Everyone moved on and there were new members in the band, experience the same things I used to. I missed it so much.

I saw the wave of purple encompass the field and I was all smiles. As soon as the music started and Ben's fingers grazed the piano keys like a madman, I started crying. I probably didn't stop crying til well after the show was over. It was so weird, watching from so far away, seeing my friends up close, doing what they love, what I love. I saw Ben and Erin and Hanna and Jill and Cristina and Frances and Taya and Travis and all my lovely baritones. I saw Bevas' smile and Wilgium's look of intensity. It was so enthralling. I can't even explain.

I've felt a lot of things in my life, but there is absolutely no feeling like standing on the field at the end of a show. When reality hits you, and you look into the crowd, eveyone giving you a standing ovation and screaming and crying. Steam rises from under everyone's hats, shoulders rising and falling from everyone trying to catch their breath. Bodies erect, still performing as we march off the field together. The panic you feel, trying to find a spot in line to march off. The complete ethereal happiness of the feat you just accomplished. The thankfulness and respect you have for each person surrounding you because they worked just as hard as you did, and you know that none of what just occured could have happened without them. One band, one sound.

And with that we have all grown. And unless you've been there, in that uniform, with those people, I fear you will never understand, nor will you understand our need to continue the memories in our everyday lives. It encompasses your body, your mind, your heart, your soul. And I fear I'll forever be searching for that feeling that I can never get back. At least, searching for that similar understanding that only the people back home feel.

And I think --
that is what I truly miss the most.

Friday Night:
We covered ourselves in tin foil and rode to Chipotle, joining the other hundreds of people wanting free burritos. I have finally decided it was the best Chipotle burrito I have ever eaten, and no, not just because it was free.
We ate them at Amalia's.
We left.
Partied in 301, wherewhich I was not feeling the vibe.
I went home.
I slept.
I woke up.

The end.